Off the Fence:
Determine Whether Leaving the Classroom is Right for You

By Teacher Career Coach©

This mini-course was created to help you weigh the pros and cons and understand the different factors to help you make the most informed decision.

Off the Fence is a good fit for you if you're...

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Stuck in fear and indecision

Our research shows that half of teachers in our audience feel stuck weighing the pros and cons, unable to make a decision about leaving or staying in the classroom.

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Overwhelmed by options

Stay in the classroom? Stay until the end of the year? Break my contract? Go to a different school or district? The options for teachers go on and, for many, feel impossible to navigate.

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Need support to find the next right step

Is the next step breaking my contract or setting more boundaries around work-life balance for my teaching career? We help you figure out what the next step is for you.

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Looking for someone to walk you through both options

We'll walk with you through the most important factors to think about with videos and corresponding workbook exercises.

Nothing is "one-size-fits-all"

Have young kids at home and not sure if leaving would be worth losing your summers off?

Not sure how a career change would impact your retirement goals?

Still happy on many days while you are in the classroom but just feel stagnant?

Absolutely miserable in the classroom but not sure it'll make sense fiscally to leave when you are higher on the salary schedule?

It's time to break down how to figure out what is best for YOU based on your unique factors including personal satisifaction, salary needs, level of burnout, long-term goals, age until retirement, family dynamics, and more. This course can help you do exactly that.

Disclaimer: We're not going to tell you that leaving is always the best option.

We've found many need examples and data to alleviate fears or misconceptions, but sometimes staying in the classroom makes the most sense for a specific situation.

This course will give you an perspective through our research based on hundreds of former teachers. But it doesn't guarantee you'll decide to leave teaching after you take it.

What you'll get when you sign up:

You can take this course over the course of an afternoonmake a decision and begin moving forward.

When this course launches on March 29th, you'll get access to the following modules:

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In this lesson, we'll walk you through how to get the most out of this course. We'll cover decision-making strategies from a psychological standpoint to help you pick a lane.


Establish your goals

This journal activity corresponds with our worksheet and will walk you through a guided exercise to establish your long-term goals.


Know your salary needs

A detailed lesson on how to calculate your salary, hourly rate, and budget. We'll share example salaries from real former teachers to help you gauge what careers could fit into your salary needs.


Weigh the pros and cons

We'll help you weigh options and break down the pros and cons that come with the different factors to leaving the classroom.


Come to a decision

Our final lesson will help you look at everything holistically to come to a decision on what to focus on nextwhether that means staying in the classroom or pursuing a new career.

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About our founder

After leaving teaching, I spent over four years working as an instructional designer, professional development trainer, and public speaker. During this time, I created online training programs for start-ups and spoke at national conferences. I've worked for some of the biggest names in the education industry, including Fortune 500 companies.

I've teamed up with recruiters, hiring managers, qualified resume writers, and HR experts to build these resources. And we even have some working directly at Teacher Career Coach!

Our goal is to help you find happiness whether you stay or leave.

Daphne Gomez, CEO of Teacher Career Coach

Off the Fence Course FAQs

You deserve to be as confident in our course as we are. So, if you have questions, we’ve got answers! If you have a question not answered below, feel free to reach out at

Will this course tell me whether to leave or stay in the classroom?

While we can't make the ultimate decision for you, we WILL guide you with actionable steps and in-depth resources to help you make an informed decision for yourself.

Will I really have time to juggle this course while I'm full-time in the classroom?

This mini-course should take an afternoon to complete. We created this course to walk with you through your unique factors that play into your choice to leave or stay in the classroom. You cannot follow the crowd with a decision like this, and we created this resource to help teachers who are stuck and overwhelmed. So, we break down the process with the most support possible.

How long do I have access to this course?

You'll have access to the video modules and downloadable resources for the lifetime of the course, so you can take your time and revisit the course as needed.

When does the course go live?

The course will go live March 29th, 2024. Sign up before that time to save $10 on enrollment.

Have a question not answered?

Shoot us an email at

Should I take this course if I am already in the Teacher Career Coach Course?

Off the Fence is the course for those who aren’t sure they want to leave teaching and is mostly focused on weighing the pros and cons. The Teacher Career Coach Course is geared toward teachers who know they want out. The aspects of Off the Fence that are applicable to those who know they want out (identifying salary needs, etc) will be added as updates to the Teacher Career Coach Course at no extra cost for Teacher Career Coach Course members.



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